Augmented Reality

The Mobile App from The Museum of the Bible

When the Museum of the Bible developed it’s mobile app that links it’s curriculum textbooks with mobile devices, they asked us to tell that story.  We produced the presentation at a local high school in Los Angeles, and it turns out the revolutionary augmented reality technology really blew away the kids. Looking at this video is like looking at the future of education.

Augmented Reality Video
Augmented Reality 3
Augmented Reality 2

Museum of the Bible

A short film unveiling the new Museum of the Bible in Washington DC

The Cooke Pictures team had the honor to produce a short film to unveil the new Museum Of The Bible, which will be opening in Washington, D.C. in 2017.  Our crew spent a week in the temperature controlled vault shooting more than 40,000 ancient Christian artifacts that form the heart of the collection.  The presentation was screened before a private gathering of business, political, and ministry leaders as well as celebrities.  We’re continuing to work with the Green family as well as the Museum team to release more clips via social media and online.

Museum of the Bible Overview

As1- Promotional Video

A 3-minute promo video launching As1, empowering the Christian community to get involved in the arts.
As1- American Bible Challenge Spot

Client: / Grace Hill Media - Hollywood is getting it. Today, there are more and more major movies and television projects based on stories directly from the Bible. Steven Spielberg’s “Moses,” “Noah” with Russell Crowe, The Game Show Network’s “American Bible Challenge” and many more. But the question is – will Christians unite and support these projects? For centuries the Christian community not only appreciated the arts, but were patrons of the arts. was created to remind Christians of that critical role in shaping today’s culture. Cooke Pictures partnered with Grace Hill Media to create the announcement promo and various web videos, and will continue to help spread the word. We believe the only way to impact today’s culture, is by the entire Christian community acting “as one.”

AS1 03
AS1 02

Thank God for VeggieTales

Welcome the new generation of VeggieTales!

When Dreamworks Studios and Grace Hill Media mounted a new marketing campaign for iconic children’s brand Veggie Tales, they came to Cooke Pictures to produce three TV commercials.  The most fun about the project?  Realizing an entirely new generation is still enjoying VeggieTales!

Thank God for VeggieTales - "Traffic"
Thank God for VeggieTales - "Dinner"
Thank God for VeggieTales - "The Babysitter"

Naomi's Village

Founders Bob & Julie Mendonsa needed a way to tell the incredible story.

Founders Bob & Julie Mendonsa needed a way to tell the incredible story of Naomi’s Village to the world.  Bob and Julie believe that a lasting solution to the orphan crisis in Kenya must come from within that country. That’s why they wanted to do more than just rescue children, they wanted to create a place that would change their lives.  Naomi’s Village provides nurturing love, full nutrition, healthcare, excellent education, leadership training, spiritual care and counseling, and exposure to the world at large.  Our team was proud to be part of the project.

Naomi's Village Overview

Make The Moment

A promo video for Kurt Warner's new USA network TV series "The Moment"

Make The Moment
Make The Moment 3

The USA Network and Grace Hill Media asked us to produce this film based on Super Bowl legend Kurt Warner's new network TV series "The Moment."  Giving people an opportunity for a second chance at life is the focus of the show.  So we partnered with Grace Hill Media to ask local churches across the country how they could help people in their communities find second chances.  The results have been amazing.

Make The Moment 2
Make The Moment 4

OneHope Legacy

Celebrating the life and ministry of founder Bob Hoskins.

Celebrating the life and ministry of a legend is a daunting task, but when OneHope called us about telling the life story of founder Bob Hoskins, we were thrilled to tackle the challenge.  This seven-part video series was played throughout the evening during an anniversary celebration in Bob’s honor.  The audience loved the idea of seeing his life in glimpses throughout the live event, rather than a single long video.  We hope the idea will change the way more groups plan events like this.


One Hope LEGACY SERIES - Introduction
One Hope - LEGACY SERIES - 3
One Hope - LEGACY SERIES - 5
One Hope - LEGACY SERIES - 6

Hollywood Prayer Network

Promo video explaining the purpose of Hollywood Prayer Network.

Founder Karen Covell, and the team at the Hollywood Prayer Network is doing something remarkable - changing the perception of millions of Christians toward Hollywood.  Encouraging them to consider the entertainment industry as a “mission field,” they asked us to shoot these stories of Christians working professionally in Los Angeles.  Today, this video is used for donor development, as well as making the global Church aware of the power and influence of media, and how we need to pray for Christians called into the industry.

Hollywood Prayer Network Promo Video

SAVN.TV - The Salvation Army Vision Network

A 6-minute Promo Video for the new social action web network. Promo Video

Client: The Salvation Army - The Salvation Army asked Cooke Pictures to design a web-based, video driven, social action site that would help tell their global story in today’s digital age. In Salvation Army terms, a “virtual mission station.” The site is capable of archiving tens of thousands of short films, videos, and other media content to share the incredible story of how The Salvation Army is impacting people around the world. Currently the site is a “work in progress” as we continue developing new content, apps, live webcasts, and social media connections to help millions of people around the world share their stories of changed lives.


The Jesus Film Media Mobile App

:60 Infographic Promo

The Jesus Film Media Mobile App Promo

When the Jesus Film Project went mobile, they called our team at Cooke Pictures to help them tell the story.  First, we created this sixty second spot and designed it for younger, international audiences.  Then, through a massive online advertising and social media campaign we shared the story with the world.  The new app features short films and other content in more than 1,200 languages, and makes it incredibly easy to share you faith with anyone.  After all, who doesn't want to see a movie?


"Noah" Featurette

Christian Leaders from across the country give their opinion on the film "Noah".


When Paramount Pictures produced Darren Aronofsky’s epic film “Noah,” they asked Cooke Pictures to gather Christian leaders from across the country who had seen the film, and capture their impressions.  Shot on location in New York and Los Angeles, this is the short video we produced that has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world in anticipation of the film’s opening.

noah 2

Gregory Dickow

New television show open for "Changed By Love".

Gregory Dickow, pastor of Life Changers International Church in Chicago hosts a national television program called “The Power of Change Today.”  Pastor Dickow asked the creative team at Cooke Pictures to design a new open for the program, and this was produced on location at the church. 

Gregory Dickow Changed by Love OPEN

The Bridge - Church History Series

Who We Are & Who God Is

History of Bridge - PART 1/7
The Farmhouse - PART 2/7

Cooke Pictures created and produced a series of seven short videos on the history of The Bridge, an influential church in Kernersville, NC, led by Pastor David McGee.  The project was developed for the ten year anniversary celebration at the church. You can view all seven videos at the Series Portfolio Page.

Church by the Tracks - PART 3/7
What God Has Done - PART 7/7

Make No Little Plans Here

Oral Roberts University

ORU - Make No Little Plans Here
ORU - Make No Little Plans Here :30

When ORU asked us to create a film unlike anything the university had ever done before, we jumped at the chance.  We needed to create a short piece that would re-position ORU in the minds of prospective students, potential donors, and the general public.  Oral Roberts University is re-emerging as one of the premier Christian universities in the nation, and the team at Cooke Pictures was proud to be part of the project.

ORU - Make No Little Plans Here :60
ORU Golden Eagles at The Mabee Center

Back to the Bible Legacy Project

Short films that describe the past, present and future of the organization.

The highly respected, 70-year-old Back to the Bible Ministries in Lincoln, Nebraska asked the Cooke Pictures team to produce some short films to show the history of the organization with it’s loyal ministry partners around the world.

Back to the Bible Legacy Project - The Past
Back to the Bible 1
Back to the Bible 5
Back to the Bible 4

Time of Grace - Show Open/Close

A Show Open/Close & Graphics Package for the Time of Grace TV Program.

Time Of Grace show open
Time of Grace Open 06

Client: Time of Grace - Time of Grace is a media ministry based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that reminds viewers of the transforming power of grace. We were asked to create and produce a new opening for their thirty minute weekly program featuring speaker and pastor Mark Jeske.

Time of Grace Open 02
Time of Grace Open 08

The Godfather

An Unusual Feature for The Southern Baptist International Mission Board

Godfather 03

Client: IMB - How often does a film crew have the opportunity to film deep inside a notorious Brazilian drug operation? While filming the work of the International Mission Board in Rio De Janiro, our crew caught the attention of the local drug lord, who everyone called “The Godfather.” This is the story of that sobering meeting and the impact it had on us, and on The Godfather himself.

Godfather 05
Christo Redentor Statue - Rio de Janerio

Ron: His Last Days

An fascinating interview with someone facing death....

Ron: Dying with Dignity
Ron Lung 1

Client: Back to the Bible - When seventy-year-old radio ministry “Back to the Bible” asked us to help create a media project that would reach the next generation, we answered with “Footnote.” In this series of thirty-minute programs we explored a wide variety of issues and ideas, and this was one of the most powerful stories. Ron is dying. He has incurable lung disease, and it was an honor to document his thoughts and feelings during the last months of his life.

Ron Lung 4
Ron Lung 3

Jesus Film Media

A promo to unveil the new Jesus Film Digital Media initiative...

The Jesus Film Donor Video
Jesus Film Media 04

Client: The Jesus Film Project - The Jesus Film Project came to Cooke Pictures to guide them in re-thinking their brand and identity on the eve of creating and developing a new mobile phone app. To answer a global culture that is shifting to digital distribution, The Jesus Film Project team faced a new challenge. After spending three decades translating the classic “Jesus Film” into every language on the planet with more than 50,000 speakers, it was time to move into the digital world. The result is a remarkable mobile app that allows users to download hundreds of Jesus Film media projects in multiple languages to view on various mobile phone platforms. This short video presentation was design and produced to inspire Jesus Film supporters and donors to catch that vision, and recognize that in the future, “seeing is believing.”

Jesus Film Media 02
Jesus Film Media 05

The Oodles Mobile Church App

A Spot advertising the new church mobile app company "Oodles Apps".

Oodles Apps
Oodles 03

Client: Oodles Apps - When the Oodles Company rolled out their new line of church mobile apps, they asked Cooke Pictures to unveil it to potential customers in this short video. Working with the Oodles team, we designed the interfaces, and developed this video from scratch – even before the app was finished. That quick turnaround allowed them to unveil the product at a major conference which propelled them to a successful launch.

IMB - Let It Start With Me

Music video created for No Other Name

Let it Start with Me - music video
Let It Start With Me 04

Client: IMB - In collaboration with IMB and Curb Records, Cooke Pictures shot and produced No Other Name's "Let It Start with Me" music video. The video was shot on-location in Bangkok, Thailand and features the band singing amidst the people there, highlighting the variety of culture found throughout the city. The song is a prayer to be the hands and feet of God, and encourages Christians to let Him "start with me" in going about his work.

Let It Start With Me 03
Let It Start With Me 01

Footnote Sizzle

A "sizzle reel" for the new TV series "Footnote."

Sizzle Reel for Footnote
Back To The Bible 2

Client: Back to the Bible - Our team was honored that “Back to the Bible,” one of America’s oldest and most respected radio ministries selected us to help them design a new program to reach a younger audience. The result was “Footnote,” and this short “sizzle reel” was used to pitch the series to television stations and networks.

Back To The Bible 3
Back To The Bible 4

Finance According To Your Faith

A promotional series highlighting financial advisor Deena Marie Carr's new book "The Carr Guide".

Carr Guide :60 spot
The Carr Guide- Book Promo

Client: Finance According To Your Faith - Deena Marie Carr is unusual – a top flight financial advisor based in Chicago, who is also a committed Christian. Her challenge was defining that brand, and sharing it with the right target audience. She came to Cooke Pictures, and we helped her discover a unique identity, and develop a message that would connect with the right audience through television.

Finance 3 (1)
Finance 4

Life of Valor - Online Campaign

A promotional series produced for the feature motion picture "Act of Valor."

Life of Valor- Intro
Life of valor 01

Client: Grace Hill Media - When the feature film “Act of Valor” hit theaters across America, few new the cast of the movie were all active duty SEAL Team members. It was a unique movie that demanded a unique approach to marketing. The marketing team at Grace Hill Media asked us to help them develop a massive men’s ministry resource using video clips from the movie, plus original footage produced specifically for the web. We shot on location with SEAL Team members to create an unforgettable online experience for men’s ministries across the country.

Life of valor 02
Life of valor 03

IMB - 2011 Theme Presentation

The International Mission Board's presentation for the Southern Baptist Convention.

IMB Theme Interp Video 2011

Client: IMB - Each year, the IMB hosts a presentation at the Southern Baptist Convention. It’s a fantastic opportunity to report on their global missions efforts, and cast a vision for the future. Cooke Pictures has been fortunate enough to be asked to help create and produce their SBC over multiple years, and this is the video presentation that opened last year’s event.


"Zig Ziglar: Born to Win"

Promo campaign for Zig's new book, "Born to Win"

Born To Win :60sec Spot
Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 4.51.58 PM

Client: Zig Ziglar - When it comes to motivation and business genius, Zig Ziglar is a legend. That’s why when his organization asked us to help them promote Zig’s new book – which was a compilation of his life’s work – we were thrilled. This is a short promo that was used on television and the web to introduce that book to the business and leadership community.

Born To Win 3
Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 4.50.38 PM

Tandem - Ad Series

An Ad Series produced for Back to the Bible's scripture engagement website

Tandem Commercial #1
Tandem TV Ad

Client: Back to the Bible - Back to the Bible’s purpose has always been to teach the Bible, and help people engage the Bible on a deeper level. Realizing the need to reach a new generation, they created “Tandem,” a revolutionary online resource to deliver customized, scripture based inspiration, teaching, and other resources when and how you want it. This spot was designed as part of a series to unveil Tandem to a national audience.

Tandem Commercial #2 :60sec Spot
Tandem. a community searching for spiritual truth.


A fascinating interview with the owners of the "Christian" tattoo shop "In The Blood."

Tattoos 03

Client: Back to the Bible - When seventy year old radio ministry “Back to the Bible” asked us to help create something that would help them reach the next generation, we answered with “Footnote.” In this series of thirty minute programs we explored a wide variety of issues and ideas, and this story is a great example of the unique nature of the program. It’s about a “Christian tattoo artist” and the impact he’s making in the lives of his customers. Enjoy the story. You won’t find many like this out there!

In The Blood Tattoo Shop
Tattoos 02

IMB- The Rio Series

A series of video presentations for Southern Baptist missionaries in Rio De Janeiro.

Rio Portrait
Rio Overview

Client: IMB - This short piece was produced on location in Rio De Janeiro to tell the story of the work of The International Mission Board in the most desperate, poverty stricken parts of that city. Focusing on their work with the urban poor, we filmed this story to share a unique outreach, and the amazing difference this organization is making in that part of the world.

Rio (1)
Eric Reese

Fern: Dealing with Death

Fern shares the story of the death of her husband...

Death - Fern
Fern 2

Client: Back to the Bible - When Fern’s husband died, her world was turned upside down. Our team had the awesome responsibility and honor to interview her about the experience for the TV series “Footnote.” Fern shared this emotional story, which made a lasting impression for everyone involved in the production.

Fern 3
Fern 4

Footnote Pilot Episode

Pilot episode for a new show called "Footnote"

Footnote Pilot

Cooke Pictures shot, directed, edited, created motion graphics, and produced the pilot episode for a new show called "Footnote"
Client: Back to the Bible
Shot using the SONY EX3 with a Letus Lense Adapter, 22mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm Zeiss Lenses
Director/DP: Brad Knull
Consulting Producer: Phil Cooke

Editor: Joey Lege

Written by: Tyler Huckabee

Footnote Theme: Mike Jackson
"100 Pictures": Mothlight Creative
Logo design: Von Glitschka

This show won the Bronze Telly for Use of Graphic Design, the Bronze Telly for Cinematography and the Silver Telly for Editing. 


"One Big Thing" Book Spot

Online promo for the book, "One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do."

One Big Thing
One Big Thing 01

Client: Thomas Nelson Publishing - This was a promo presentation to unveil Phil Cooke’s new book “One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do.” It was produced in association with Thomas Nelson Publishers and has been used in live event presentations as well as various web applications.

One Big Thing 02

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We guide ministries & nonprofits through the process of telling their stories most effectively.

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Sometimes an outside perspective can bring a lot of clarity. We'll help determine your organization's sweet spot—who you're best equipped to serve, how you're different from everyone else and why people care. These are the building blocks of creating a strong brand strategy, which will help make decisions such as logo design, web architecture, and even the best way to market your organization more clearly.


Web Strategy

In a digital world, we can help take your online presence to the next level.

SAVN.TV Website Home Page

Your website shouldn’t be simply a bookmark, an informational sheet, or an announcement about your organization. Today, the web has become home base for everything you do in the media, and should be the main connection point for all your video programming, social media, blogs, and other online content. It should be accessible to anyone on the planet with a computer or mobile device, and it should make everything you do available to everyone, anywhere. Does your website reflect the depth of your organization and powerfully tell your story?